• Flavors

    We’re continuously working on new flavors. We make our ice cream in small batches and are focused on making it great – from baking the butter shortbread to slowly cooking down berries. That’s why you may find that we only have just a couple of flavors of ice cream for each event so make sure you get ’em while we got ’em!

    Here’s a sample of what we’ve been crafting:


    Brown Sugar + Toasted Rice 

    This is an homage to my mom’s homemade crispy rice cracker “cake” with brown sugar drizzle 

    Cookies + Cream

    A classic made with Oreos but o’ so good when you put just a little bit more love into it

    Creamy Citrus Berry Swirl

    Creamy + citrussy with eddies of mixed berry puree 

    Midnight Craving

    Semi-dark chocolate ice cream loaded with chunks of Oreos

    Dulce de Leche Sesame Brittle

    A lot of love goes into making the dulce de leche + sesame brittle. Add these to our vanilla ice cream and OMG, give me another scoop, please!

    Salted Caramel Peach Cobbler

    Vanilla ice cream meets old fashion peach cobbler + house-made caramel


    My version of my favorite Italian gelato! Churned sweet cream swirled with chocolate chippies

    Strawberry Shortbread

    Vanilla ice cream layered with fresh strawberry puree + crushed house-made buttery shortbread


    Café All Day Pushup Pop

    Rich dark coffee + sweetened condensed coconut milk

    Coconut Corn Naam Vaan Sorbet

    IYKYK Iconic Asian-inspired coconut milk dessert with sweet corn + lil tapioca pearls

    Pina Colada Pushup Pop

    It’s beach vibin’ with real pineapple + coconut cream

    Triple Berry Sherbet

    Berries blended with dairy free, vegan base

    Watermelon Margarita Sorbet

    The taste of summer patio season in a popsicle! Fresh watermelon, fresh squeezed lime + lime zest. Bummer, kiddos—there’s no tequila!



    Your choice of hot espresso bean coffee or chocolate poured over our vanilla ice cream + Baan Vaan whipped cream

    ButterOO Cookies

    Signature chocolate chip cookie made with real butter and olive oil

    Ice Cream Soda Floats

    Paired with our vanilla ice cream + Baan Vaan whipped cream